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Meg Leary

Meg Leary

Account Supervisor



What exactly do you "do" at EGC?

As an account person, I try to make things happen as efficiently as possible. I make sure projects are fully executed from briefing to launch, with as few bumps along the way as possible. Also, I’m incredibly skilled at finding assets from old jobs and remembering job numbers from years ago. The creative team loves that.

Before joining EGC, where did you work?

I spent over four years at Deutsch NY, working on a variety of clients – Sanofi Pasteur, MCI Telecom and Snapple Beverage Corp. Before Deutsch, I worked at TBWA/Chiat Day and FCB Direct.

Any partners, spouses or pets you want to mention?

My husband Tim, and my two sons – James (7) and Connor (4). No pets, but my kids have plenty of stuffed animals if that counts.

What was your most memorable EGC moment?

While on a business trip with clients, we went to see Blue Man Group. Halfway through the performance, I was pulled up on stage and given a protective ‘vest’ to wear. I was then seated at a table with the three Blue Men, where we shared a Twinkie meal, had my plate doused with a fire extinguiser and then watched as Twinkie spouted out of the front of my vest. Apparently my performance was so believeable, some audience members thought it was staged. So, I may have missed my calling.